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Shoe Buying Tips from a Foot Doctor

Shoe-buying-tips-guide-mi-foot-doctorAfter being Michigan’s foot care center for over 30 years, we’ve seen a lot of foot problems – everything from neuromas to bunions to hammertoes, and most of these issues are caused or worsened by having an improperly fitting shoe.

People spend a lot of time finding the best looking shoe for their feet, but don’t consider that they spend most of their lives in a shoe, and need shoes that are both stylish and comfortable for the foot.

To prevent foot issues, we recommend these shoe buying tips while out shoe shopping:

Did you know that most people have two slightly different sized feet?  We recommend having your feet measured at the store, then purchase shoes for the bigger foot.

Notice the materials of the shoe…is it thick or thin? Is it mostly leather, cotton, or synthetic?  If the shoe feels snug and unbreathable…it’ll only be worse after 8 hours of wear.  Get shoes that feel airy and breathable, and you could save yourself from a pesky case of Athlete’s Foot.

Wear socks when you’re trying on shoes, especially if you can bring a pair that you typically wear.  Socks can often tighten the fit of a shoe, and you’ll want to make extra room for that.

No shoe is right for everything.  Brands don’t make different types of shoes for different activities for no reason; these shoes are specially formulated to protect your feet for that given activity; don’t go playing basketball in tennis shoes or you may find yourself with some nasty sprains or crushed toes.  When shopping for specialty shoes, we always recommend going to a true specialty store, rather than a department store that does not have specialists available.

Children’s feet can grow up to 3 sizes in a year!!  This means you need to measure your children’s feet every 3 or 4 months to make sure they haven’t outgrown their current pair, and to correctly fit their next.

Pay attention to how your shoe fits along with how it looks, and you could save yourself from years of corrective treatment.   Besides, you spend way more time wearing the shoes than looking at them anyways!

 UPDATE: Santa Monica Podiatry added a great tip – feet tend to swell and become more sensitive in the afternoon and evening, so make sure the shoes you are buying will give your feet some breathing room for that late-day swelling.

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