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Heel Pain: The 3 Most Common Causes


Heel pain can seem like an inevitability in today’s active world, but with a few changes in lifestyle, wardrobe, and self-awareness, heel pain can be easily avoided. There are many every day activities that you may not even consider as a culprit in your heel pain, so here are our most common causes for heel pain that may be relevant to you:

  • Unsupportive shoes – This is one of the most common sources of heel pain, although it is also the most preventable. Shoes with no support can be very hard on the plantar fascia – the ligament that extends the length of the bottom of the foot. Suspect shoes cause this ligament to be pulled far more than necessary, and the strain on where this ligament meets the heel bone creates a condition called plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis can result in extreme pain and discomfort, inflammation, and swelling in the heel area. Unsupportive shoes used in athletics can also lead to stress fractures in the heel after excessive repeated impacts (such as in basketball and skateboarding). Luckily, this cause of heel pain is easily remedied – buy new supportive shoes! As your shoes lose their original shape and feel, you should replace them to minimize the chances of heel stress.
  • Sudden Pressure – Suddenly increasing the daily burden on your heels can eventually lead to heel pain and issues. This point is most relevant during exercise – if you choose to perform athletic activities without effectively stretching beforehand, or if you suddenly increase the intensity and frequency of your workouts, you are putting yourself at risk for heel discomfort. In severe cases, improper exercise habits can also lead to problems like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.
  • Weight Gain – on the other end of it, heel problems can form as a result of sudden weight gain – your feet are typically accustomed to a certain body weight, and if that increases greatly, you are also greatly increasing the amount of force that your heels have to withstand every day. Sometimes, good foot health is a factor of good overall health, and this is a perfect example.

Keep these tips in mind in your everyday living, and you’ll avoid being one of the millions of people that suffer heel pain every day. If you have already developed heel pain however, and you live in the Sterling Heights or Dearborn area, please contact Dr. Lawrence Young to treat your heel pain in Southeastern Michigan.

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