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Daily Foot Care Tips


Taking care of your feet is often the last thing you think of.  You rarely look at them, and they’re just feet, right?  Realize that your feet are the part of your body that take constant stress from walking and running every day, plus the fact that each foot contains 23 bones, and is one of the more complicated parts of the body.  Feet are tough, but just a few simple foot care tips can keep them in tip top shape to deal with whatever the day throws at them.

1.      Get the right shoes on!

Like we said in one of our other articles, shoes that don’t fit are the culprit in many of our most common foot problems, and usually involve wearing the wrong shoes for a long period of time.  Purchase shoes carefully using our shoe buying guide, and remember to replace them as they get worn out and lose support.

Having multiple pairs of shoes is also a good idea; alternating them between days make sure they have ample drying time, which eliminates the moisture in which Athlete’s Foot thrives.

For women, limit the frequency with which you wear heels, which can lead to difficult-to-fix foot disorders like hammertoe and bunions – always have a pair of comfortable flat-bottom sneakers for daily wear.

2.      Keep them clean

You scrub behind the ears, but do you scrub between the toes?  Your feet are easy to neglect in the shower, but you may be able to prevent things like Athlete’s Foot and hard-to-deal-with toe nail fungus with some daily cleaning.  Nothing fancy, just soap and water while you’re in the shower will do.

Trimming toe nails, taking care to not clip the sides of the nail, can also prevent irritating disorders like ingrown nails.  A little foot hygiene also gives you the opportunity to look at your feet and notice any strange marks or lesions that may develop into more serious problems.

3.      Walk

Walking may not make much sense as far as maintenance, but your feet love it!  Walking can stimulate much needed blood flow in the feet (it is the farthest part of your body from your heart, after all), and strengthen all the muscles and ligaments in your feet.  This is especially true if you live a typically sedentary lifestyle, or are an athlete and require your feet to always be at their best.  When walking for foot maintenance, be relaxed and do not strain or tire out your feet/legs.  If you have access to a large grassy opening or beach, walk on the soft surfaces to make it extra easy on your feet.

These are just simple points you can keep in mind as you go about your daily routine.  If you want to be more active about your foot care, you can start by purchasing a pumice stone to help remove old dead skin, which can lead to calluses and corns.  At the end of your foot care routine, give your feet a rubdown with lotion – foot skin is naturally dry, and a nice massage can both moisturize the skin and improve blood flow to all parts of the foot.

These are just the simplest things to keep in mind for daily foot care.  Talk to your Michigan podiatrist about more specific foot care tips for your daily routine/lifestyle.

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